Debt Free Deals

Hey everyone!

So I literally just finished publishing a post on Ten Fabulously Frugal Fall Date Ideas that included ‘The Zero Dollar Movie Date’. You probably haven’t read it yet and it may be a little soon to publish a new post but my roommate just dropped a forthcoming (and relevant) savings bomb on me and I simply must pass this on:

This Saturday (October 20, 2016) Cineplex Theatres across Canada are screening free movies and offering $2 drinks, popcorn and candy as part of their Community Day fundraiser

All proceeds of the event go to Cineplex’s charitable partner foundation We.

Free films include:

The Good Dinosaur
Finest Hours
Inside Out
The Jungle Book

I know that I could have added this tidbit to my list as an edit but this is such an awesome deal that it defiantly deserves its own post. You can thank me on Saturday when you have a belly full of delicious two dollar popcorn!


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