Six Things to Buy at Dollarama

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Earlier this week I made a post summarizing a business school perspective on how Dollarama manages to sell quality products for low prices. In keeping with the dazzling deals at Dollarama I’ve compiled this short list of six awesome products that are totally worth buying.

1. Activity Books

Crossword puzzle, word searches, Sudoku, adult and child colouring books- Dollarama has it all, and since the pages of these books are only good for one use you may as well save money by picking up these nifty activities up at Dollarama.

Price in bookstores: $7-$15
Total savings: $4- $14


2. Disposable Dinnerware

As you already know, I’m a huge fan of potlucks. They’re super fun, ultra frugal, and an awesome way to eat and socialize for cheap. Cleaning up after an evening of hosting can be exhausting unless you go disposable. Dollarama offers a wide variety of cups, plates, bowls, napkins and cutlery on the cheap. There are often Styrofoam, plastic and compostable options so you can typically find your preference.

Price in grocery and big box stores: $3-$10
Total Savings: $0.50-$9


3. Craft Supplies

Liquid and hot glue, glue sticks, cotton balls, feathers, wooden structures, mirrors, buttons, wire, thread, craft kits, construction paper, Bristol board, crayons, wax, markers… Dollarama has it all.

Big box price: $2-$10
Total savings: $0-$9


4. Art Supplies

Dollarama has ultra cheap canvases, low priced paints and pallets, affordable aprons and an assortment of brushes that won’t break the bank. You can also pick up pencil sharpeners, pencils, pens and sketch pads for next to nothing. When I was in high school my art teacher and life guru was able to stretch out her meager teaching budget by purchasing an assortment of Dollarama makeup brushes, which worked wonders for water colour painting. I also had great success with fashioning assorted sculptures from various odds and ends picked up in the art and hardware isles of this store while living on a student budget.

Art Store Price: $$$$$$$$$$$
Total Savings: Trust me on this one (easily $3-$20)


5. Holiday Decorations

Few things make a house or an apartment feel like a home quite like decorating for the holidays. For people operating on a tight budget, holiday decorations can be made easy at Dollarama. They carry a wide range of seasonal decorations for holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter for very reasonable prices. They even have tiny holiday pet costumes!

Big Box Price: $5-$20
Total Savings: $2-$19


6. Cards and Party Supplies

Balloons, cards for birthdays and special occasions, gift wrap and bags, the disposable cutlery we’ve already covered, candles, lighters and matches, party favours and gift bags: the Dollarama could easily be renamed ‘Party Planning Planet’ (unless that’s already copyrighted).

Big Box Price: $3-$10
Total Savings: $0-$9



3 thoughts on “Six Things to Buy at Dollarama

  1. I’m with you on all of these! Although sometimes it’s less fun when all the neighbourhood holiday decorations look the same, especially at Halloween, because we’ve all hit up Dollarama.


    1. I totally agree with you! I usually make some diy decorations to give the house a personal touch in addition to using a few Dollarama quick fixes. It’s amazing what you can do with some craft supplies (also usually from Dollarama, haha), thrift store fabric and a little patience.


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