Four Things Not to Buy at Dollarama

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I’m on a bit of a dollar store dish right now. Last week I informed you all about why you can get such great deals at Dollarama and filled you in on six things to buy at Dollarama. While I totally love this franchise and can’t understate how awesome it can be for those of us sticking to a tight budget, some items are simply not worth it. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered here as well: here are four things you shouldn’t buy at Dollarama.

1. Sticky Tack

Sticky Tack is a non-toxic way to hang posters and photos without leaving holes in the wall. It’s a perfect product for students, people who move around a lot, and frequent redecoration divas. Although Sticky Tack is an all around great product the Dollarama version of Sticky Tack is  totally not worthwhile: it doesn’t hold and to make matters worse it will stain your wall blue. Do yourself a favour and spend the extra two dollars to get a better quality product from Wal-Mart or Staples.


2. Electronics

With the exception of some quick sale disposable cameras, I’ve given up on purchasing Dollarama technology. Headphones, charging cords and internet cables from Dollarama have all failed me in the past. If these products work to begin with they quickly break and need to be replaced frequently. Save the time and money and pick up electronics from Wal-Mart or Winners.


3. Vacuum Sealed Corn on the Cob

Okay, so you hopefully wouldn’t buy this to begin with and honestly I haven’t either. At two dollars for two ears of corn this isn’t a very good deal to begin with (corn goes for as little as $0.25 per ear fresh and in season). From what I’ve heard, the corn itself doesn’t taste very good and is underwhelming to say the least. It won’t kill you per se (the vacuum sealing and preparation process is similar to canning in terms of safety), but the sight of prepared, unrefrigerated whole ears of corn is unsettling at best. Go with canned corn or frozen corn or try microwaving a single un-shucked ear of fresh corn for 3 minutes if you don’t have time to boil corn at home.


 4. Footwear

Dollarama frequently carries cheap flip-flops and slip on shoes. You should always have dependable footwear: it’s so important for your health and your comfort. If you need new shoes and are on a tight budget try thrift shopping at Salvation Army, Value Village, Guy’s Frenchy’s or your favourite local secondhand shop. You can also search Kijiji for footwear in your local area.



One thought on “Four Things Not to Buy at Dollarama

  1. I definitely agree with most of this. having worked in the electronics industry for three years I know that, although other store will try to upsell you like crazy, dollarama electronics are produced at a lower level of quality assurance so the chances to getting a bad product are higher and if I’m correct they don’t take returns.

    As for that corn, Which is GMO free according the package, you’re comparing it to your standard GMO corn. With this in mind the price difference is, in my opinion, more understandable when you consider that that double pack of corn isn’t filled with pesticides that the GMO corn is genetically designed to grow inside its cells.
    I see how you feel grossed out by the vacuum sealed aspect, it’s different, but canned corn is questionable on its own with 273mg of salt per 128g serving (as Nutritiondata states on their website).
    You state “It won’t kill you per se (the vacuum sealing and preparation process is similar to canning in terms of safety),…” and then go one to explain how it looks unsettling, making it clear that you are approaching this topic from a biased perspective.

    That being said, It is your blog, and I do enjoy and will continue to read your posts. I find you to be thorough and thoughtful more often than not, so thank you for the hard work you put into this blog.


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