Four Places Where Students Save on Groceries

Debt-Free Dining

Grocery shopping and food budgeting are two tasks that can make or break your bank account. As stressful as it can be to try to squeeze a trip to the super market into your hectic student schedule, buying your own groceries is way cheaper than eating out. Here is a short list of some stellar discounts offered at local grocery stores. Get to know these four student discount offering franchises and you too will become a grocery savings guru.


Sobeys offers a 10% student discount on Tuesdays. You need to present your Air Miles card  and student ID to a cashier in order to take advantage of this awesome deal.

Be advised that self-serve checkouts do not currently have an option for redeeming student discounts at Sobeys, so you will have to go to a cashier checkout in order to have this discount applied to your purchase.


Like Sobeys, Superstore offers a 10% student discount on Tuesdays that you can take advantage of by displaying a student ID to the cashier. Unlike Sobeys, Superstore does not require Air Miles in order to redeem this purchase.

Please note that this deal is scheduled to change on May 3, 2016, at which point the 10% student discount will be abolished and replaced with up to 10% extra PC Plus Reward points on select student purchases.

Click here for more information on PC Plus Rewards.


Bulk Barn

Bulk Barn offers a 10% discount to students and seniors on Wednesdays. If you’re not already shopping here regularly, you should try Bulk Barn for spices and baking ingredients that you don’t frequently use, as well as bulk dried fruit and candy.


Lawtons is unique in that the student discount it offers includes both high school (grade 10-12) and post secondary students. Simply show a student ID to take advantage of this savings program, which excludes drug prescriptions, soda pop in 1 litre or less, infant formula and diapers, mobility products, tobacco products and lottery tickets, gift cards, bus passes/tickets, and milk. While this may seem like a pretty extensive list of exceptions, you can still get great deals on over the counter medicine and grocery items. Since Lawtons is not primarily considered a grocery store you can often find really great deals on quick-sale food products, making this discount even more worthwhile.

The best part of this discount? It’s offered every day!



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