I Fell in Love With a Drugstore Foundation: Makeup Monday

Makeup Mondays

Hey guys!

This is the first edition of a brand new weekly feature on Debt-Free Darlin’:Makeup Monday.

Makeup Monday Disclaimer: Regardless of you age, race, orientation or gender, I support your decision to wear (or not to wear) makeup. Whether or not you’re on a budget, you deserve to feel like a million dollars. This might mean getting a fancy coffee, or going on a long walk, or reading a great book, or rocking a killer red lip. It might mean all, or some, or none of the things above.

As I’ve mentioned in this blog before, Debt-Free Darlin’ is primarily a project to share my own savings secrets. I wear and buy makeup. As many of you of you budget girls (and guys) out there know,  makeup can be really, really, really ridiculously expensive. All too often it feels like finding a product that works for both your skin and your wallet is about as realistic as finding a leprechaun… that rides a unicorn… and lives in Atlantis.


Sounds like a familiar problem? Well, Makeup Monday is made for you… and for me. It’s made for us. For all of us that want to figure out how to save money and still have these awesome, artistic, beautiful, confidence building luxury items in our lives.

On to my foundation story!

If you’re reading this I’m assuming it’s a sign that you’re not 100% satisfied with your foundation.

Maybe you’re where I was just a few weeks ago- you have a bathroom cupboard full of foundations ranging from cheapest-of-the-cheap to fancy-enough-that-you-can’t-pronounce-it that you stand in front of every morning, torn between wanting to throw all of these foundations away because they’re all so thoroughly ‘meh’ and longing to scoop them up into your arms, as if this act could somehow transform all of these wasted purchases back into the heaps of cash that you spent on them.

As I said, I was here too… and then everything changed for me. After a life time (or well, 10 years) of letdowns I finally found a product that was perfect for my skin. I had resigned myself to having to fork out a huge wad of cash for a slightly nicer but still ‘meh’  foundation when, to my surprise

I fell in love with a drugstore foundation.

To be more specific, I fell in love with L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24 HR Foundation.

I found it through the grace of YouTube while binge watching foundation reviews.In a desperate frenzy brought on by wanting to ‘get it right’ this time I clicked on a video of a girl with amazing skin, and low and behold she recommended L’Oreal Pro-Matte. As I continued to click on the suggested videos in the sidebar I was pleasantly surprised to see that more and more smooth skinned gods and goddesses were telling me that they’d switched from higher scale foundations to this product. I finally decided to take the (moderately priced) plunge and try out a drugstore foundation again.


I am so glad that I did!  It’s absolutely awesome for me. Will it be awesome for you? I don’t know. Here’s some more information for your consideration:

The Situation With My Skin

Understanding my skin type was pretty crucial for me in terms of figuring out what type of foundation to go for: it’s going to be important for you too when you’re evaluating whether or not to try this product. If your skin is way different from mine you might find that L’Oreal Pro-Matte doesn’t work great for you. You may want to try a foundation that’s more sheer or more illuminating. You may be looking for a light powder for low coverage, or something with tea-tree oil or salicylic acid to aggressively treat acne. In a future Makeup Monday post I’ll dish some more on a few drugstore foundation brands that are purported to do wonders for different skin types. Today, however, I’m talking about my own success, so I’m only focusing on my own skin type.

Here’s a profile of my skin:

  • I have combination skin that gets kind of oily in my T-zone (chin and forehead mostly) but really dry on and around my nose
  • I had moderate acne through my teen years
  • At 23 I currently get hormonal cystic acne, this means a few things for me: I have periodic breakouts that are fairly scheduled; it can be really difficult to spot-treat breakouts because most products focus on the top layers of the skin; finally, when I do have a pimple, it’s usually giant, painful and super duper red
  • I also tend to have a few smaller bumps or spots in my skin
  • I am pretty pale
  • My skin undertone is closest to neutral
  • My skin is semi-sensitive and I tend to break out if I wash my face too vigorously or with harsh chemicals, or if I use medicated acne treating products for too long

What I Was Looking For in a Foundation

  • Liquid foundation (I’ve tried powder on and off for years: it’s just not my thing)
  • Does not oxidize (change colour after you put it on/ suddenly make you orange out of nowhere)
  • Does not rub or wear off on clothing too easily
  • Stays put all day/ long wear
  • Full enough coverage to hide blazing red cystic acne pimples
  • Non-comedogenic (does not block pores/ cause breakouts)
  • Comes in a shade that fits my skin tone (I was willing to settle for 2 shades that could be combined)
  • Doesn’t feel like a mask or look too cakey


What I Love About L’Oreal Pars Infallible Pro-Matte

It does everything that I was looking for, plus:

  • It goes on like a liquid but has this amazingly soft, powdery feeling when it dries
  • It dries super quick, which is great because I love to sleep in as much as possible
  • It’s widely available in most drugstores and online
  • It’s only $16 at Walmart in Canada (plus you can get it online or on sale for ever cheaper)

Whoop whoop!

Leave a comment if you’ve also fallen in love with a drugstore foundation and stay tuned to Makeup Mondays on Debt-Free Darlin’ for more beauty hacks and savings.


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