Life After a Free Gym Membership: Fitness Fridays

Debt-Free Fitness, Fitness Fridays

It’s a big week for announcements! After releasing my plan to start a regular Makeup Monday feature on Debt-Free Darlin’ (DFD), I’ve decided to add yet another weekly write up to the list: Fitness Friday.

Why Fitness Fridays?

Because I want to bust the myth that healthy living requires spending a crazy amount of money, of course!


Here’s the deal: like many university and college students my massive tuition came with the comparatively smaller perk of receiving a free student gym membership. In my heart I’ve never been a ‘gym rat’ per se (don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the gym, but I’m way more inclined to workout outdoors), but as a generally fit person who is also a total sucker for savings I naturally rushed to take advantage of this opportunity. Since an on-campus workout session was oh so convenient to pencil in between classes, I got used to relying on high-tech equipment and the motivational atmosphere of a gym during my 4 years of university.

Then I graduated.

Since then I’ve been gradually figuring out the cheapest and most effective ways to workout on a budget. I’ve mastered outdoor workouts, scoured the internet for great videos, learned about the situation with ‘incidental exercise,’ and done price comparisons on various gyms, classes and studios. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars on gym memberships and managed to maintain a regular workout schedule.

Although figuring out how to make free and frugal fitness work has taken plenty of time and effort I can safely say that I’ve been able to reach new fitness goals since leaving the gym behind.

I can also safely say that I want to share everything I’ve learned and everything I will try with you as I move forward with all of my healthy endeavors!


Whether you’re looking for free exercises, trying to figure out the most economical class to take, seeking savings at local gyms, urging to figure out healthy eating on a budget or simply seeking a few fitness tips, I’m here for you.

So, if you’re sick of feeling helpless while reading about how (insert super rich celebrity here) got their rockin’ bod’ back by hiring a whole team of nutritionists, cooks and personal trainers…

Stay tuned to Fitness Fridays on DFD for healthy living solutions that won’t break the bank!


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