Tips For Flawless Mascara on a Budget: Makeup Mondays

Makeup Mondays

Last week’s edition of Makeup Mondays focused on saving money by purchasing drugstore mascara. To recap, this is a sensible budget decision due to mascara’s short lifespan and the negligible difference between high end and cost efficient alternatives when put to the test by experts. Basically, as long as you know how to correctly apply mascara and get a good product that does not run or flake too much (suggestions given in the link above), you can save $50-$100 a year on this product alone.

I promised to follow up last week’s post with a more in depth look at budget friendly mascara application tips and techniques, so that those of you looking for luscious lashes can make the most of your mascara.

Without further ado, I now present you with these tips for flawless mascara on a budget:

Curl Your Lashes

Curling your eyelashes is a great way to achieve a voluminous look. It’s also super easy. Oh, and did I mention that it’s totally free?

Simply place your upper lashes in the curler with your eye open and the curler resting along the base of your lashes. Press the curler closed and pulse for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat this process midway through and at the end of your lashes in order to get a full curl.

Looking for more information? You can find a WikiHow tutorial for curling your lashes here.

If you don’t already own an eyelash curler, you can pick up one by Trim at Walmart for under $5.

No time for Walmart? The above WikiHow article also explains how a spoon can be used as a makeshift eyelash curler if you’re in a pinch.


Try Heating Your Curler

If you don’t own a heated eyelash curler you can warm a regular eyelash curler with a hairdryer, or in a glass of hot water, before curling your lashes to achieve a similar result. Check the temperature of the instrument regularly throughout the heating process to make sure that you don’t overheat the curler. Avoid directly touching your eye or eyelid with the warmed product.

Rotate Your Wand

Turn your mascara wand with your wrist as you move it along your eyelash, away from your eye. This allows product on all sides of the wand to disburse over your lash, resulting in longer, thicker lashes.

Coat Both Sides of Your Lash For Maximum Thickness

If you have thin lashes, coating both the bottom and the top of the eyelash can help you achieve a thick look for gorgeous lashes.

Crush Clumps By Wiping Your Wand

Lightly wipe your mascara wand over a tissue to remove access product and crush clumps before they happen.

Save Your Eye Shadow by Using A Spoon

Rest a spoon against your brow bone with the bowl turned inward so that it covers your eyelid while applying mascara. This will prevent the product from getting on your eyelid and ruining your eye shadow and eyeliner.

Place the spoon in a similar position, resting against your lower lash line, while applying mascara to lower lashes. This will prevent mascara from ruining your concealer and highlight.


This is my absolute favourite tip because there is nothing more irksome or wasteful than having to scrub off your look and start from scratch after finally blending your shadow/ concealer perfectly.

Wasted primer + shadow + liner + mascara+ time = wasted money!

Spot Save With a Q-Tip and Makeup Remover

If you mess up beyond the parameter of the spoon by getting liner on the inner or outer corner of your eye, use a q-tip dipped in makeup remover to spot treat your mistake. This will enable you to undo your mistake precisely, without damaging your overall look.

If you don’t have makeup remover, use a small amount of moisturizer on one end of the q-tip. Apply it to the spot and wipe away with the unused end of the q-tip for a flawless remover that is neither harsh nor drying.

Fall in Love With Layers

Apply multiple layers of mascara in order to build length and volume. Wait for the first layer to dry in between applications.

For touch ups, gently run a clean eyebrow brush, spoolie, or unused toothbrush through your eyelashes before mascara application in order to remove clumps and prevent flaking before applying a new layer.

Discover the Power of Powder

Apply a powder, such as eye shadow, baby powder, or blush, to damp mascara in order to thicken your lashes instantly between layers.

Learn to Love Both Formulas!

As I mentioned in last week’s article, you can combat the clashing desires for intensely long wearing and easily removable mascara by applying a coat of waterproof mascara over regular mascara. The undercoat will enable you to take the makeup off with basic makeup remover while the overcoat will prevent your mascara from running in heat or humidity.


While owning two formulas may seem expensive, by following the first link in this article you can find a regular and waterproof formula that can be worn together for roughly $10 for both products. For those living in warm, humid climates, or those who love hot yoga, this is a totally worthwhile investment!

What’s your favourite mascara hack?


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